Our Purpose: Wheat Seed Foundation


Wheat Seed Foundation

Zero Doubt Coffee is happy to partner with the exciting new non-profit Wheat Seed Foundation.  We generously donate 10¢ for every can sold and 1$ for every bag of coffee. 

Wheat Seed is dedicated to growing the local community in a meaningful way. By helping high school age kids, this non-profit cultivates outstanding student-athletes that then have the tools to plant their own seeds.

If you are a coach, teacher, parent or anyone else who plays a significant roll in a child's life or several for that matter, you have the opportunity to plant a seed. No, the process is not fast. Just like the wheat seed, it takes time and patience. But once the seed has been planted and begins to grow strong, year after year they will positively and progressively influence everyone around them. They will naturally start to lead by example.

Let's dedicate ourselves to sustainable farming (of the people type). Wheat used to contain a certain germ that made it special. It was a perennial seed (comes up every year). And it housed all of the "good stuff". When it grew, it grew with tremendous roots. The roots were full of powerful and rich in nutrients that made the ground around it premium growing soil. First, you plant one acre, the next year 3, the next 10 the next 50 and so on. Before you knew it, you would have beautiful amber waves of grain. The soil around it would be so rich you could plant anything with great success. When it's harvested and made into yeast it makes the finest bread and rolls you will ever taste. However, it has since been replaced by a GMO seed, (one of the first GMOs) an annual seed (comes up only the year its planted) only growing a tiny little root. The germ was removed to make a better shelf life for flour. When this happened all of the "good stuff" was taken from the grain. The nutrition level in the grain went from hero to zero just like that.